Did you know we are entirely volunteer based?

2024 Board of Directors

President : Amie Kempe

Treasurer: Tammy LaPlante

Director: Kim Ford-LeVie

Director: Sam Kannegiesser


Help is celebrate our volunteer of the month KRISTINE KLASSEN 💙✨

Kristine first volunteered with NRN in March 2022. She then connected with a former coworker and neighbour about fostering because Kristine has a love for animals and knew about the need for help in the rescue community.
“I have a dog Polly that was a rescue from Manitoba 6 years ago and I have Pearl who was a foster fail. She was with me last June with her babies and I adopted her after her spay. I also have a cat named Frankie who often lets me know that puppies are noisy and they smell!”

A couple sentiments from some of Kristine’s peers who nominated her:

🐾She is an absolute beauty, she does so much for the rescue, she is always up for taking any foster, especially mom and puppies; sick ones; bottle babies… it doesn’t matter, she takes them all. She is an amazing volunteer for crate washing and has been part of the ‘shit chicks’ crate washing crew for years.
🐾She is available for every transport to help load dogs, break down crates, clean crates and everything else that is needed for transport day!
🐾She is kind, generous, loving, so helpful in all ways, jumps in at the drop of a hat to take whatever dogs need the most care. NRN is very lucky to have an incredible volunteer like Kristine. She is also available for any medical assistance, vaccination of dogs and other medical needs. I for one would be lost without her support.
🐾She’s always there to help on the spur of the moment. There are times I don’t know what I’d do without her. She’s an amazing foster. She loves & cares for them as her own.
🐾Kristine willingly takes on pregnant moms and pups, including those that need bottle feeding. Not the easiest of jobs. She also works hard for the rescue cleaning crates( she is master with the spray hose at Hacheys) and sewing blankets for crates.

Thank you, Kristine, for your dedication and making a difference in the lives of these precious animals! 💙🐾